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Tiny Tutu's and Kinder Dance

Tiny Tutu's

Where the love for dance begins! Our Tiny Tutu's class is for ages 2-3, and focus on pre ballet and creative movement. This 45 minute class runs once a week, and introduces our students to proper stretching, the beginning ballet positions and techniques, gross motor skills across the floor, creative movement in the form of free dance, and beginner tumbling! 

We limit these classes 8-10 students depending on the age range, and always have assistants for larger classes to keep the class productive and fun! These ballet babies DO perform in our annual recital, and are always the highlight of every show. 

Pink ballet shoes, pink tights, and any colored leotard are required for this class.

Kinder Dance


Our Kinder Dance class is an hour long dance class for ages 4-5, and is where we introduce tap and build on the ballet basics of out Tiny Tutu's class. This class will spend 30 minutes on each discipline, their growth is tremendous through out the year! They will learn two dances, one ballet and one tap, and perform both in our annual recital! 

We allow a few more students in this class, and limit our enrollment to 12-14 students. We again have assistants in the class to keep the class productive and moving along!

Pink ballet shoes, black Mary Jane style tap shoes, any colored leotard and pink tights are required for this class.


Kinder Hip Hop and Kinder Tumbling

These two 30 minute classes are great additions to our Kinder Dance class, or can be taken on their own! 

Our Kinder Hip Hop is for ages 4-5, and allows our dancers to explore the beginning stages of hip hop, to music they love in a fun and high energy environment. Students will need shorts and a tank top or t shirt, and black and white low top converse sneakers. 

Our Kinder Tumbling class is a great introduction for ages 4-5 to the acro basics. We worked flexibility and strength, as well as forwards and backwards rolls, bridges, cartwheels, and we work with each individual student as the progress on more difficult skills. Students should be barefoot, with shorts and a t shirt or tank top

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