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Classes and Camps

Studio B Dance Co. offers many diverse programs for every type of dancer!

Fall Program

This program is the staple of our dance program, which runs from September (after Labor Day) to May/June (schedule varies year to year) with the culmination being our annual recital. This recital gives ALL of our dancers the opportunity to showcase the technique and artistry that they have worked on all year. We offer classes for all ages and levels during our fall program, as well as all styles of dance we offer.


Master Classes

Studio B offers Master Classes through out the year, taught by professional dancers and choreographers from across the country and Canada. We are proud to have hosted amazing teachers such as Miles Keeney, Tom Richardson, Courtney Ortiz, Reet Roy, Megz Alfonso, and many more! 

Summer Programs

Studio B offers a variety of camps through out the summer to meet the needs of every type of dancer. 

Our 4-Week Camp closely resembles the schedules and structure of our Fall program. This camp is mandatory for competition students, and a great option for any student who just starting out and doesn't want to commit to a full year just yet, or would like the option to continue their dance training over the summer. Just like our Fall Programs, we offer classes for all ages and levels, in every style of dance we offer. This camp is held in July/August. 

The Intensive is a high-intensity camp that is mandatory for our competitive dancers, and open to all dancers who want a challenging week with our instructors, and with master teachers from across the country. This camp is held in August.

We also offer a variety of day camps, and one-week camps, including our Tumbling Camp (all levels), Encanto CampSleeping Beauty Ballet Camp and more! These camps are held through out the summer months. 



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