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Season 16 Awards

Revolution Talent Competition, April 1-3rd - MANDATORY
Novice 8 and under Solo
2nd Overall- Lainey Miller
Intermediate 8 and under Solo
1st Overall- Adrienne Fasulo
2nd Overall- Adelyn Sellers
4th Overall- Adriana Lake
Novice 9-11 Solo
2nd- Annabelle Christiansen
Intermediate 9-11 Solo
1st Overall- Ava DiGirolomo
2nd Overall- Samantha Spagnola (Lyrical)
3rd Overall- Lily Fancher
Advanced 9-11 Solo
2nd Overall- Olivia Bielak (Tap)
3rd Overall- Gracelynn Eiriksson
6th Overall- Sophia Kianka
Novice 12-14 Solo
1st Overall- Gianna Caimano
2nd Overall- Josie Cappelletti 
Intermediate 12-14 Solo
1st Overall- Gracie Henning (Musical Theater)
2nd Overall- Hannah Putman
3rd Overall- Reese Pesarek
4th Overall- Lauren Bull
8th Overall- Jillian Keating
Advanced 12-14 Solo
1st Overall- Cadence Eiriksson (contemporary)
3rd Overall- Mia DiGirolomo
4th Overall- Victoria Eldred (Lyrical)
6th Overall- Jacob Striffler
9th Overall- Alana Doyle (Open)
Intermediate 15-19 Solo
1st Overall- Aubrey Nash
3rd Overall Camille Young (Hip Hop)
5th Overall: Ava Ordway
Advanced 15-19 Solo
1st Overall- Ella Cook
2nd Overall- Sierra Gathier
3rd Overall- Sophia Greene (Open)
6th Overall- Ashley Kidder (Jazz)
7th Overall- Madison Bautista (Lyrical)
8th Overall- Lily Debejian (Lyrical)
9th Overall- Gemma Colasanti (Lyrical)
10th Overall- Makenna Davis (Lyrical)
Intermediate 8 and Under Duo/Trio
1st Overall- Hit Me With Your Best Shot
2nd Overall- Fly
Intermediate 9-11 Duo/Trio
1st Overall- Move
2nd Overall- Always Remember Us This Way
5th Overall- Don't You Worry Child
Advanced 9-11 Duo/Trio
1st Overall- Fields of Gold
2nd Overall- Yesterday
Novice 12-14 Duo/Trio
1st Overall- Clouds
Intermediate 12-14 Duo/Trio
1st Overall- Wake Me Up Before You Go
2nd Overall- Poison
Advanced 12-14 Duo/Trio
1st Overall- This Is Not The End
4th Overall- Tha Cave
5th Overall- Halo
6th Overall- Better Days
7th Overall- Outnumbered
8th Overall- Flesh and Bone
9th Overall- Shake Senora
10th Overall- You Are Enough
Advanced 15-19 Duo/Trio
1st Overall- I'll be Seeing You
2nd Overall- Help Me Live
3rd Overall- Open Hands
4th Overall- Cut The World
5th Overall- Rich Mans Frug
6th Overall- Swim Good
7th Overall- Piano Man
9th Overall- Angels
10th Overall- Open Your Heart
Intermediate 8 and Under Small Groups
1st- Tell Him
2nd- Little Sparrow
3rd- Chapel of Love
Advanced 9-11 Small Groups
1st- Sushi
2nd- Something Like This
3rd- Winter Song
4th- Moondance
5th- Girls
7th- 5 Guys Named Moe
Intermediate 12-14 Small Groups
1st- Love On Top
2nd- This Will Be The Day
Advanced 12-14 Small groups
1st- Joanne
3rd- The Night We Met
4th- Sonder
5th- Judas
6th- Control
8th- Simply Irresistable
10th- They Don't Really Care About Us
Advanced 15-19 Small Groups
1st- Woman
2nd- Brother
3rd- Hometown Glory
4th- Open Arms
5th- Ending
6th- Red
7th- Beggin
8th- End of Time
Novice 8 and Under Large Groups
1st- Surfs Up
2nd- Hot Hot Hot
Advanced 9-11 Large Group
1st- You Will Be Found
Advanced 12-14 Large Group
2nd- I'm Not Going There
4th- Edge of Seventeen
Advanced 15-19 Large Groups
1st- Unchained Melody
2nd- The Business
3rd- Be Italian
4th- Landlside
5th- Allegretto
Advanced 15-19 Lines
1st- Conversations in the Dark
2nd- An Evening I Will Not Forget
3rd- Are You Live
8 and Under SDA Champion (Intermediate)- Tell Him
9-11 SDA Regional Champion (Advanced)- You Will Be Found
12-14 SDA Champion (Intermediate)- Love On Top
15-19 SDA Champion (Advanced)- Woman
11 and Under Hip Hop Excellence: Girls
12 and Up Hip Hop Excellence- Are You Live
Golden Ticket Winners- Surfs Up, Tell Him, You Will Be Found, Love On Top, I'm Not Going There, Woman
Choreography Award- Sushi (Amanda Kurey)
Entertainment Award- Be Italian
Junior Miss Dance America- Gracelynn Eiriksson
Teen Miss Dance America- Cadence Eiriksson
1st Runner Up- Alana Doyle

Starpower (Syracuse), March 11-12th - OPTIONAL
9-11 Advanced Solos
2nd Overall- Gracelynn Eiriksson
12-14 Advanced Solos
2nd Overall- Cadence Eiriksson (Contemporary)
4th Overall- Riley Cox
8th Overall- Michaela Vargason (Contemporary)
9th Overall- Alana Doyle (Contemporary)
15-19 Advanced Solos
1st Overall- Sophia Greene (Contemporary)
5th Overall- Sierra Gauthier (Contemporary)
Junior Miss Starpower- Gracelynn Eiriksson
1st Runner Up Teen Miss Starpower- Cadence Eiriksson
1st Runner Up Miss Starpower- Sophia Greene
9-11 Advanced Duo/Trios
1st- Yesterday
12-14 Advanced Duo/Trios
3rd- The Cave
8th-Flesh and Bone
9th- Better Days
Discovery Spotlight Invitation- Gracelynn Eiriksson
Power P
ak Invites- Cadence Eiriksson, Riley Cox, Sierra Gauthier, Sophia Greene
Power Pak Scholarship- Cadence Eiriksson
World Dance Pageant Scholarship- Sophia Greene
Elite Dance Challenge (Syracuse), March 4-6th- MANDATORY
Teen Miss Elite- Cadence Eiriksson (Contemporary)
Mini High Score Recreational Solo
4th- Lainey Miller
Mini High Score Intermediate Solo
5th- Adriana Lake
3rd- Adelyn Sellers
2nd- Adrienne Fasulo
Young High Score Recreational Solo
9th- Annabelle Christiansen
Young High Score Intermediate Solo
9th- Lily Fancher
6th- Lauren Bull
2nd- Samantha Spagnola (Lyrical)
1st- Ava DiGiloromo
Young High Score Competitive Solo
9th- Reese Pesarek
4th- Mia DiGirolomo
4th- Keira Bennett
Teen High Score Recreational Solo
2nd- Josie 
Teen High Score Intermediate Solo
10th- Aubrey Nash
6th- Hannah Putman
4th- Gianna Caimano
3rd- Gracie Henning
Teen High Score Competitive Solo
9th- Solomon Purkins
7th- Alana Doyle (Open)
5th- Mary Fiello
4th- Ella Cook
1st- Cadence Eiriksson (Contemporary)
Senior High Score Intermediate Solo
3rd- Camille Young (Hip Hop)
Senior High Score Competitive Solo
9th- Lily Debejian (Lyrical)
7th- Mikayla Avery (Contemporary)
6th- Makenna Davis (Improv)
5th- Sierra Gauthier (Contemporary)
4th- Sophia Greene (Contemporary)
2nd- Madison Bautista (Contemporary)
Mini High Score Duo/Trio
6th- Fly
1st- Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Young High Score Intermediate Duo/Trio
7th- Don't You Worry Child
1st- Move
Young High Score Competitive Duo/Trio
9th- Yesterday
8th- Poison
6th- Fields of Gold
5th- Better Days
4th- Shake Senora
1st- This Is Not The End
Teen High Score Recreational Duo/Trio
1st- Clouds
Teen High Score Intermediate Duo/Trio
1st- Wake Me Up Before You Go
Teen High Score Competitive Duo/Trio
9th- Flesh and Bone
7th- Outnumbered
4th- Halo
3rd- Angels
2nd- The Cave
1st- I'll Be Seeing You
Senior High Score Competitive Duo/Trio
9th- So Will I
8th- When The Party's Over
6th- Cut The World
5th- Help Me Live
3rd- Swim Good
1st- Piano Man
Mini High Score Intermediate Small Grou
9th- Chapel of Love
6th- Tell Him
4th- Little Sparrow
Young High Score Intermediate Small Group
2nd- Winter Song
1st- Moondance
Young High Score Competitive Small Group
10th- Control
5th- Judas
2nd- Something Like This
Teen High Score Intermediate Small Group
3rd- Love On Top
1st- This Will Be The Day
Teen High Score Competitive Small Group
9th- Sonder
8th- Joanne
5th- The Night We Met
Senior High Score Competitive Small Group
7th- End of Time
6th- Red
5th- Open Arms
4th- Hometown Glory
3rd- Brother
2nd- Woman
1st- Ending
Mini High Score Recreational Large Grou
2nd- Surfs Up
1st- Hot Hot Hot
Teen High Score Competitive Large Group
5th- Edge of Seventeen
4th- The Business
1st- I'm Not Going There
Senior High Score Competitive Large Group
4th- Allegretto
3rd- Be Italian
2nd- Unchained Melody
1st- Landslide
Young High Score Intermediate Line
1st- You Will Be Found
Teen High Score Competitive Line
3rd- Are You Live
2nd- An Evening I Will Not Forget
1st- Conversations In The Dark
Outstanding Entertainment- Shake The Room, Sushi
Technical Excellence- Unconditionally, Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Emotional Execution- I'm Not Going There
Outstanding Choreography- Ode To A Love Lost, Winter Song, Landslide
Overall High Point Intermediate Solo/Duo/Trio- Ava DiGirolomo
Overall High Point Intermediate Group/Line/Production- You Will Be Found
Overall High Point Competitive Group/Line/Production- Conversations In The Dark
Artistic Adventures Scholarship- Mary Fiello, Ella Cook, Madison Bautista, Ashley Kidder, Annabelle Christiansen, Adelyn Sellers, Lauren Bull, Samantha Spagnola, Mia DiGirolomo, Simply Irresistible, Hannay Putman, I'll Be Seeing You, Night We Met, Open Arms
Elite Team Selections- Alana Doyle, Victoria Eldred, Solomon Purkins, Cadence Eiriksson, Sierra Gauthier, Sophia Greene, Lily Debejian, Madison Bautista, Makenna Davis, Adelyn Sellers, Adrienne Fasulo, Adriana Lake, Samantha Spagnola, Ava DiGirolomo, Gracelynn Eiriksson, Something Like This, Sushi, Fields of Gold, Aubrey Nash, Bailey Burns, Hannah Putman, Ella Cook, Mia DiGirolomo, The Business, Mikayla Avery, Michaela Vargason, Sonder, Brother

Revel (Syracuse), January 28-30th - OPTIONAL
8th Overall Mini Solo- Adriana Lake
Knock Out Performance Award- Mia DiGirolomo
Choreography Award- Battlefield choreographed by Miss Brandi (Dancer: Riley Cox)
Classroom Scholarship- Adrienne Fasulo
ASH (Philadelphia), January 21st-23rd - OPTIONAL
Technical Execution Showcase Award- Ashley Kidder (Jazz)
Judges Choice Showcase Award- Madison Bautista (Lyrical)
Hussain College Teen Commercial Dance Scholarship- Madison Bautista
WILD (Buffalo), December 5th -  OPTIONAL
WILD About You Scholarship- Madilyn Masello
Star Dance Alliance Scholarship- Madison Bautista, Riley Cox, Ashley Kidder, Madilyn Masello
Apprentice Finalist- Madilyn Masello


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