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Season 17 Awards

Wild Dance Intensive (Optional Convention) 11/13/22, Buffalo
Wild Dance Intensive 
Apprentice- Sierra Gauthier
Wild About You Scholarship- Sierra Gauthier
SDA Classroom Scholarships- Alana D, Cadence E, Gracelynn E, Sierra G, Adriana L, Adrianna R
Intrigue Dance Convention (Optional Convention) 1/6-1/8/23, Washington D.C.
4th Overall Senior Solo- Sierra Gauthier
Full Nationals Scholarship- Sierra Gauthier
Embody Dance Conference (Optional Convention) 2/3-2/5/23, Syracuse
8th Overall Senior Advanced Solo- Madison Bautista
Blueprint Summer Dance Intensive Scholarship- Madison Bautista
Embody Whole Mover Scholarship- Madilyn Masello
ADE (Optional Convention) 2/17-2/19/23, Boston
3rd Overall Junior Intermediate Solo- Adriana Lake
Season Finale Master Choreography Invitation- Sierra Gauthier
Prodigy All Star Program Invitation- Sierra Gauthier
The Dance Fest Scholarship- Alana Doyle
Encore (Mandatory Competition) 3/3-3/5, Syracuse
Top Petite Recreational Solo- Madison Olmsted
2nd Overall- Aria Brown
3rd Overall- Juliette Lee
5th Overall- Gabriella Shih
Top Petite Recreational Duo/Trio- Bippity Boppity Boo
Top Petite Competitive Solo- Adelyn Sellers
7th Overall Junior Competitive Solo- Josephine Perfito
Top Junior Competitive Super Soloist- Adriana Lake
Top Petite 
Competitive Duo/Trio- Girlfriend
Top Junior Elite Solo- Ava DiGirolomo
Top Junior Elite Super Soloist- Samantha Spagnola
Elite Division Junior Title Winner- Samantha Spagnola
2nd Overall- Adrienne Fasulo

Top Elite Junior Duo/Trio- Bridge Over Troubled Water
Highest Scoring Recreational Solo/Duo/Trio 11 and under- Madison Olmsted
Highest Scoring Competitive Solo/Duo/Trio 11 and under- Adelyn Sellers
Highest Scoring Elite Solo/Duo/Trio 11 and under- Bridge Over Troubled Water
Top Petite Recreational Large Group- Bubblegum
2nd Overall Teen Competitive Duo/Trio- Carry You
Top Junior Competitive Small Group- Hold On To Me
2nd Overall- Lets Get Loud
Top Junior Competitive Large Group- Footprints In The Sand
2nd Overall Teen Elite Duo Trio- Hallelujah
3rd Overall- Billy-A-Dick
4th Overall- Go Solo
5th Overall- Skin and Bones
Top Senior Elite Duo/Trio- Knife
2nd Overall- Woman
3rd Overall- The 30th
5th Overall- To Be Loved
Top Junior Elite Small Group- Calendar Girl
Top Junior Elite Large Group- Tarantella
Top Junior Elite Super Group- This Is Me
Top Junior Elite Production- Avalanche
Highest Scoring Elite Group 11 and Under- Avalanche
Top Teen Elite Soloist- Cadence Eiriksson
2nd Overall- Mia DiGirolomo
4th Overall- Riley Cox
5th Overall- Lauren Bull
6th Overall- Reese Pesarek
Top Teen Elite Super Soloist- Adrianna Raiti
2nd Overall- Katelynn Brooks
Teen Elite Title Winner- Cadence Eiriksson
Top Senior Elite Soloist- Sierra Gauthier
2nd Overall- Mary Fiello
3rd Overall- Lily Debejian 
4th Overall- Mariya Rental
5th Overall- Alexa Shenandoah
2nd Overall Senior Elite Super Soloist- Madison Bautista
3rd Overall- Alana Doyle
4th Overall- Madilyn Masello
5th Overall- Ashley Kidder
1st Runner Up Senior Elite Title- Alana Doyle
2nd Overall Teen COmpetitive Soloist- Josie Cappelletti
10th Overall- Jillian Keating
Top Senior Competitive Soloist- Gianna Caimano
Top Senior Competitive Super Soloist- Camille Young
3rd Overall Senior Competitive Small Group- Domino
2nd Overall Teen Elite Small Group- Wepa
3rd Overall- The Last Goodbye
5th Overall- Kissing You
Top Senior Elite Small Group- Hot
3rd Overall- Vegas
2nd Overall Teen Elite Large Group- Gravity
3rd Overall- You Don't Mess Around With Jim
Top Senior Elite Large Group- Your Weight Is Not Mine To Carry
3rd Overall- Someone Like You
4th Overall- House of the Rising Sun 
Top Senior Super Group- Uninvited
Highest Scoring Competitive Solo/Duo/Trio 12 and up- Gianna Caimano
Highest Scoring Elite Group 12 and up- Uninvited
Best Choreography- Uninvited 
Grand Final Scholarship Recipient- Madison Bautista, Samantha Spagnola
Encore Extreme Scholarship- Ava DiGirolomo
Spirit of Quest Award- Studio B
Top Studio- Studio B
NYCDA (Optional 
Convention) March 17-19th, Buffalo
Legacy Dance Championships (Optional Competition) March 25-26th, Syracuse
Hollywood Summer Tour Scholarship- Cadence Eiriksson, Madilyn Masello
DanceLook Full Scholarship- Alana Doyle, Sierra Gauthier, Ashley Kidder
DanceLook Half Scholarship- Mia DiGirolomo
Highest Scoring Mini Novice Dancer- Aria Brown
2nd Place Mini Competitive Solo- Eleanor Snyder
5th Place Mini Competitive Solo- Giovanna Liotta
7th Place Mini Competitive Solo- Gabriella Shih
8th Place Mini Competitive Solo- Madison Olmsted
10th Place Mini Competitive Solo- Sophie Pike
Highest Scoring Teen Intermediate Solo- Gianna Caimano

7th Place Senior Intermediate Solo- Ava Ordway
8th Place Senior Intermediate Solo- Camille Young
Highest Scoring Advanced Petite Solo- Adelyn Sellers
3rd Place Advanced Petite Solo- Lily Fancher
Petite Miss Legacy- Adelyn Sellers
2nd Runner up Petite Miss Legacy- Lily Fancher
Highest Scoring Junior Advanced Petite Solo- Ava DiGirolomo
Junior Miss Legacy- Ava DiGirolomo
2nd Overall Teen Advanced Solo- Cadence Eiriksson
3rd Overall Teen Advanced Solo- Alana Doyle
5th Overall Teen Advanced Solo- Mia DiGirolomo
Teen Miss Legacy- Cadence Eiriksson
2nd Runner Up Teen Miss Legacy- Alana Doyle
Highest Scoring Teen Advanced Duo/Trio- Woman
5th Overall Teen Advanced Duo/Trio- Go Solo
9th Overall Teen Advanced Duo/Trio- Skin and Bones
10th Overall Teen Advanced Duo/Trio- A Thousand Years
Highest Scoring Teen Advanced Large Group- Someone Like You
3rd Overall Senior Advanced Solo- Madilyn Masello
4th Overall Senior Advanced Solo- Sierra Gauthier
5th Overall Senior Advanced Solo- Ashley Kidder
2nd Runner Up Senior Miss Legacy- Sierra Gauthier
Highest Scoring Senior Advanced Duo/Trio- Knife
10th Overall Senior Advanced Duo/Trio- The 30th
Imagine Dance Challenge (Mandatory Competition) April 21-23rd, Syracuse
Level 1 8 and Under Solo
1st- Gabrielle Shih
2nd- Eleanor Snyder
3rd- Giovanna Liotta
4th- Sophie Pike
Level 2 8 and Under Solo
1st- Juliette Lee
2nd- Madison Olmsted
3rd- Aria Brown
Level 3 8 and Under Solo
1st- Adelyn Sellers
Level 1 9-11 Solo
7th- Olivia Capozzi
Level 2 9-11 Solo
3rd- Adriana Lake
8th- Josephine Perfito

Junior Miss Imagine
1st- Samantha Spagnola
2nd- Adrienne Fasulo
3rd- Gracelynn Eiriksson
Level 3 9-11 Solos
1st- Samantha Spagnola
2nd- Adrienne Fasulo
3rd- Ava DiGirolomo
4th- Gracelynn Eiriksson
5th- Lily Fancher
6th- Mariah Lake
Level 2 12-14 Solos
2nd- Josie Cappelletti
9th- McKynlie Tucker
Teen Miss Imagine
1st- Cadence Eiriksson
Level 3 12-14 Solo
1st- Cadence Eiriksson
3rd- Adrianna Raiti
5th- Mia DiGirolomo
6th- Lauren Bull
8th- Katelynn Brooks
10th- Reese Pesarek
Level 2 15-19 Solo
1st- Gianna Caimano
6th- Ava Ordway
Title Miss Imagine
1st- Madison Bautista
2nd- Sierra Gauthier
Level 3 15-19 Solo
1st- Madison Bautista
2nd- Madilyn Masello
6th- Ashley Kidder
8th- Sierra Gauthier
9th- Lily Debejian
11th- Mary Fiello
12th- Alexa Shenandoah
13th- Alana Doyle
17th- Michaela Vargason
20th- Victoria Eldred
Level 1 8 and under Duo/Trio
2nd- Bippity Boppity Boo
Level 3 8 and Under Duo/Trio
1st- Girlfriend
Level 2 9-11 Duo/Trio
3rd- You Are My Sunshine
6th- Wash That Man
Level 3 9-11 Duo/Trio
1st- Bridge Over Trouble Water
2nd- Impossible
3rd- Beautiful
4th- This Years Love
Level 2 12-14 Duo/Trio
3rd- Carry You
Level 3 12-14 Duo Trio
3rd- Hallelujah
5th- Billy A Dick
6th- Skin and Bones
8th- Go Solo
10th- The Face
Level 3 15-19 Duo/Trio
1st- Woman
3rd- Knife
4th- To Be Loved
7th- The 30th
8th- Drean
9th- There You'll Be
10th- Sweet Georgia Brown
Level 1 8 and Under Small Groups
1st- Birthday Party Remix
5th- September
Level 3 9-11 Small Groups
1st- Calendar Girl
2nd- Let's Get Loud
3rd- Hold On To Me
Level 3 12-14 Small Groups
4th- Another One Bites The Dust
6th- Wepa
9th- The Last Goodbye
10th- Kissing You
Level 2 15-19 Small Groups
2nd- Domino
4th- Shatter Me
Level 3 15-19 Small Groups
1st- Happy Ending
3rd- Hot
6th- Over The Rainbow
7th- Empty Space
Level 1 8 and Under Large Groups
1st- Dancing In The Rain
Level 2 8 and Under Large Groups
1st- Bubblegum
2nd- Bring Him Home
Level 3 9-11 Large Groups
1st- Footprints In The Sand
2nd- Tarantella
3rd- Walk It Out
Level 3 12-14 Large Groups
1st- Gravity
4th- You Don't Mess Around With Jim
Level 3 15-19 Large Groups
1st- Your Weight Is Not Mine To Carry
2nd- Someone Like You
3rd- House of the Rising Sun
4th- Material Girl
7th- Ophelia
Level 3 9-11 Lines
1st- This Is Me
Level 3 15-19 Lines
1st- Uninvited
2nd- Total Eclipse
11 and under Grand Lines
1st- Avalanche
11 and Under Outstanding Ballet- Tarantella
11 and Under Outstanding Tap- Calendar Girl
Level 1 8 and Under SDA Champion- Dancing In The Rain
Level 2 8 and Under SDA Champion- Bubblegum
Level 3 9-11 SDA Champion- This Is Me
11 and under Grand Line SDA Champion- Avalanche
Level 3 12-14 SDA Champion- Gravity
Level 3 15-19 SDA Champion- Uninvited
Highest Scoring Dance of the Weekend- Uninvited
8 and Under Solo Technique Award- Adelyn Sellers
8 and Under Duo/Trio Technique Award- Girlfriend
9-11 Solo Technique Award- Samantha Spagnola
9-11 Duo/Trio Technique Award- Bridge Over Troubled Water
9-11 Group Technique Award- This Is Me
12-14 Solo Technique Award- Cadence Eiriksson
15-19 Solo Technique Award- Madison Bautista
15-19 Duo/Trio Technique Award- Woman
15-19 Group Technique Award- Uninvited
Golden Tickets To WDC- Dancing In The Rain, Bubblegum, This Is Me, Avalanche, Domino, Gravity, Uninvited
12-14 No Labels Ambassador- Adrianna Raiti
15-19 No Labels Ambassador- Sierra Gauthier
11 and under Choreography Award- Hold On To Me (Brandi Doyle)
12 and up Choreography Award- Your Weight Is Not Mine To Carry (Amanda Kurey)
Discovery Spotlight- Adriana Lake
Entertainment 12 and over/Top of the Charts- Uninvited
PowerPak Invites- Josie Cappelletti, Madilyn Masello, Adrianna Raiti, Gianna Caimano, Madison Bautista, Mia DiGirolomo, Adriana Lake, Juliette Lee, Adelyn Sellers, Samantha Spagnola, Katelynn Brooks, Lauren Bull, Mariya Rentas, Sierra Gauthier
PowerPak Scholarship- Gracelynn Eiriksson
WDP Scholarship- Adrienne Fasulo
WILD Scholarship- This Is Me



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